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I saw the movie Drive Thru (Lions Gate, 2007) this weekend on, and I just have to talk more about it without giving away the story. So here goes: It's a remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street but with its own twist and storyline. As far as my expectations of what a horror (which encompasses a lot of different things, including supernatural beings, monsters, and psychopaths) should do, it delivers the blood and gore, while also moving the action forward.
Because of a particular research project, I've had to think about what it is I love about horror. What I've discovered is that this specific genre is suited to me ideologically. There's always some kind of monster or being set against us (man), and it can never die even when it appears to by the end of the movie (that is, the species/specters never die as there's always another one hidden). Horrors are on the surface simplistic, but they're also more real for what they show: the impossibility of peace.
VR, 9/24/07

Myself as Body - Drawings and Paintings of Me by Art Students at Michigan State University (MSU):

For the week of 7 Nov. 2006, I worked as a nude model for art classes at MSU. For this reason, I decided to ask students for permission to digitally photograph and display their artwork of me on my Website. The students below, who were focusing on the face, allowed me to take photos with my camera phone. (For a different class, I was a standing nude, and for another class the focus was on the arms.)

Class: STA 300 Intermediate Drawing
Professor: Ben Duke

Christina Harper, 2006.

E-mail Christina Harper.

Nathan Hatt, 2006.

E-mail Nathan Hatt.

Maria Mattson, 2006.

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Bottom Line Theater presents:
"Women Tried Everything: Stories From Before Roe Versus Wade"
Performed on the Pomona College campus, 16-17 Apr. 2004.
I acted the role of Angmo, a 21 year-old Indian woman who touches on the history of abortions in India and her experiences with an American student.

Compiled and Ed. by Elizabeth Schoenfeld.
Dir. by Dan Elitzer and Anna Smolentzov. Prod. by Mike Cruz. (Of the program: inside text.)

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