Vanessa Raney

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If you want to comment on my artwork, please e-mail me and let me know. :)

Plastic and cardboard stand-in of me with t-shirt.
I used Strathmore Bristol paper and colored chalk for the hair, eyes and mouth. VR, 5/7/06.

She represents an approximation of me, especially as I used my body to determine her measurements. As for her hair, I had longer hair while I was in Claremont, CA; if in doubt, check out my Photos! Page.



Vanessa Raney. Charcoal & Chalk Sketch, 01/23/97.

Monotype 1 6-29-02 VR

Mixed media with charcoal, pastels and chalks. VR
I used markers, Paintbrush for my art-poems, scanned images of me, various papers, and board. 5/7/06

I created the front and back sides of my project (top two images) for my Art Psychotherapy class (PSY 551). The five, minimum four-page narratives that needed to tie-in with the book we were assigned to read - Catherine A. Malchiodi's Handbook of Art Therapy (2003) - can be found on my Journal as part of the entry dated Friday, May 12, 2006  (see I used my body to conform the shape of my stand-in, and several cardboard boxes to stand her up while also being able to attach the poster board behind her; the board should be read as the weight of memory that I carry forward from my experiences in Claremont, CA. For a close-up of my comics and art-poems, which were published in, go here: :)

Vanessa Raney. Paintbrush application, 6/7/05.
Title: surprise.

Monotype 4 6-29-02 VR

Monotype 3 6-29-02 VR

It's okay to smile. :)